Office hours are from M-Th 8 to 5 Mountain Time and Friday 8 to Noon


Big Sky Billing sends out invoices at the beginning of the month via email. Please make sure we have a valid email address. The body of the email will have a dollar amount, however, there will be an attachment on each message that you can view and download/print your invoice to save for your records.


In your contract there was an ACH form for automatic withdrawals. If you completed this form, your payment will be pulled approximately 10 days from when you are invoiced.


Each month please fill out our provider check in survey by clicking HERE . Business Reviews: We would like to set up quarterly reviews to go over your financials. The first couple of meetings would be to walk you through the reports available and what we can provide you. After that if you don’t feel you have time or don’t have a need, we can just send you the reports via email. Custom Reports available upon request. Please fill out these may have additional charges depending on the complexity, customization, etc.

Patient Statements:

Our current process is we generate patient statements on or around the 15th of the month. We will print and mail statements using a local mailing service IPS, they will send you an invoice for postage cost.

Moving forward we are using Inbox Health to modernize the process and expedite payments. Please click on the link for a full description.