This will take you to the Bitrix Portal if you are wanting to add Bitrix to a device such as a phone or tablet click here

We are excited to announce the release of our new app. We have been tirelessly working to improve our product/service and we believe that our new app will help you enjoy your experience with Big Sky Billing even more. 

(Scan the QR Code on your phone to download the App. You will be redirected to a browser. After about 10 seconds, you will get the opportunity to install the Big Sky Billing app on your Home Screen.)

Here are some short training videos for using Bitrix

Bitrix short training video on Payment notifications and general conversation within the system 

Introduction to Bitrix short video 

Short how to videos on chat, file sharing and task assignment 

Full Bitrix video 

Important definitions for Bitrix applications:

Chats: Please address all chats in the group chat unless you have a confidential request/question for management. At that time an individual chat message is acceptable. We have a team that works on your account. If the messages aren’t in the group chat and are sent individually not everyone in your group will know what is going on. This may cause delays or issues with reimbursement.

General: When under this tab you can click and create messages and attach files for us to review/post.      

Drives: Drives are accessible to the group. Most everything you send us ends up in the drives if you need access at a later date.  *Please note if you drop something in the drives, we will not get any alert and won’t know to go look. Make sure all files are provided in the General and Message box above

Tasks: We may attach you as a participant or observer on a task, depending on if it is for financials or if it is something we need from your staff.

Scanning: Please make sure all EOB/documents are sent to us as a PDF file. If you do not have a scanner and are trying to make your cell phone work for sending us information you receive; please search your play store/apple store for “Adobe Scan for Phone”. This app will allow you to take individual pictures and combine them into one large PDF file to upload to us.  Please do not send single documents, each day’s payments should be scanned in one file. This helps prevent missed files.